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About Us

Workout with us live from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world!

Kia Ora from New Zealand!!

We are 3 personal trainer siblings including 1 Olympic runner, from Christchurch, New Zealand who love helping people live their lives to the full! We believe that exercise is essential for your health and well-being!

Our online service (Facebook Subscribers group) will provide you with live 20 minute body-weight workouts daily that you can do from the comfort of you own home or anywhere - no equipment needed. 6 workouts per week. You can Chrome-cast our workouts (if you have this option) so we appear on your TV. Join our fitness family from anywhere in the world!!
Our variety of classes over a wide range of times provide suitable times to join us LIVE wherever you are in; New York, London, Tokyo, New Zealand or anywhere else in the world. For example our 7.30 am local time live sessions are 12.30 pm in Los Angeles, 3.30 pm in New York, 8.30 pm in London. Our live evening sessions are mornings in the UK/Europe and late afternoon in Asia. All our videos are saved and can be watched at anytime as well. We are a global family!!

Only $12 NZD (about $7.50 USD/ £6) per month for unlimited access to our 6 live workout videos each week. Watch as many of them as you want through our Subscribers Facebook page live or delayed. Cancel anytime.

You will have variety with 2 sessions from each of the 3 of us trainers per week- 6 total per week, and different each session!! 

Check out our timetable to choose the workouts you prefer (intensity and type of workout is listed on the timetable).

Take a look at our YouTube Channel for some other fun workout videos!


We send out our love to everyone at this tough time. A huge shout out to the essential workers around the world, you guys are amazing! We hope and pray things get better soon. We started these online sessions in March 2020 and are absolutely loving the Stay Fit journey with all of our members (you can be part of our fitness family too)!

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By buying our service you agree to take responsibility for any risks or injury that may accidentally occur from doing our workouts.

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Train with an Olympian

World class athlete

It's not very often you get to train with an Olympian!
Angie competed at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, a life long dream to come true!
Angie is also the 2015 World University Games Champion, 7x National 800m Champion, 5x National 1500m Champion, and the National record holder for the 1000m at 2:37.28

Read her bio further down the website to find out more about her personal training and her coaching!


Free Kids Workouts

Check out our Facebook page for more details. 


Personal Profiles

Have fun staying fit!


Tim Smit

The youngest of the siblings, Tim started personal training 6 years ago and lives and breathes the industry. Tim has always been into sport and grew up playing a wide range of team sports. Over the last four years Tim has competed at some of the big Body Building competitions around the country. His hard work paid off when he won the National Beach Model title in 2019. Tim has a wide range of clients from 14 years old to 70 years old, with a large range of abilities and goals.  A family man, Tim is the life of the party and will talk to anyone, anywhere and is not afraid to make a fool of himself- laughter is in his DNA.

Johnny Smit

The oldest of the 3 siblings, Johnny brings a huge amount of experience to the team. Coming from a plumbing background and ending up with a back injury- Johnny became a personal trainer in 2010 and healed his back through corrective exercise. Johnny has always had a passion for the outdoors. In his spare time Johnny can be found mountain biking, rock climbing, building things and spending time with his partner and young daughter, often out in the beautiful beach area of Sumner where they live. Johnny is a passionate head trainer at his local gym, where he loves to develop new trainers and make a lasting difference to his many clients.

Angie Petty (nee Smit)

The middle of the 3, Angie is an international runner! After years of hard training, Angie made her Olympic dream come true by running for New Zealand at the 2016 Rio Olympics! Angie has also competed for New Zealand at 2 Commonwealth Games and 3 World Champs. 7x National 800m champion and 5x 1500m Champion, Angie has always loved sport and loves sharing her passion with her gym clients and the children she coaches through the athletics scene and at local Christchurch schools. Angie is a big talker and loves to spend time with her husband Sam and her family and friends. Angie loves to make people feel special and will go the extra mile for people in her life.


What type of training we do

Have fun staying fit!

Check out our timetable to see our wide range of workouts, with low, moderate and high intensity sessions. All of our workouts are children friendly. No equipment needed, sometimes we use a household item; like a chair or a bag of rice, but most of the workouts are body weight.

Cardio Fitness and Core Strength

Cardio is a important aspect for your general health. Whether it’s losing weight toning up, getting fit for your sport/hobbies, or improving your internal health, our training will improve your fitness and have you feeling great!!
Some of our workouts will also incorporate core stability because we believe a strong core improves posture, protects the spine, and will tone your mid section.

Strength and Toning

From children and high level athletes wanting to get stronger for their sport to seniors wanting to be able to do more, our training sessions will include body weight exercises that will suit all ages and abilities within different sessions throughout the week. We will keep the training fun and effective, so that you stay strong and healthy. Feel free to ask for any specific style workouts you would like to see as well- we love to cater for our fitness family.

Mobility and Flexibility

During some of our workouts, you will learn how to move more efficiently and undo the negative effects of a sedentary or busy lifestyle. A couple of our sessions each week will be very similar to Pilates/yoga with a lot of beneficial stretching- leaving you feeling great!


Snippet of some of our workouts

The "snippet of some of our workouts" video quality is not clear on here due to screen recording and uploading to this website via multiple platforms. However the Facebook live footage is clear, as are the saved videos on the subscribers page.


Time Table (NZ time)

Live timetable (can also watch later)

Don't forget to convert to your time zone!

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Amazing deal at only $12 NZD per month, $3 per week.

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By buying our service you agree to take responsibility for any risks or injury that may accidentally occur from doing our workouts.


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Our whole family loves the option to be able to do the sessions anytime that suits us! Great for all ages and fitness levels (we range from 6 - 41). We've done sessions from all three trainers and we're hooked! It's a Highly recommended from us!

Thanks guys for starting this page, it's worked wonders for me I have 2 prolapsed discs also arthritis of the spine, these past 3 days I've been doing these online classes I've had no back pain at all! And no pain medication! I can now sleep at night pain free! Great classes for beginners to advanced I highly recommend! And so excited they're going to keep them going not just through isolation!

Vanessa Buchan

Courtney Gerlich

Great variety of exercises for all abilities! Awesome, great for your physical and  mental health!

Carol Anger

Johnny, another great class tonight.
I have avoided Facebook all these years, but now have joined so as to access Stay Fit with the Smits... The light, sound, picture, presentation, intensity is perfect for me.

Rex Williams